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...Like a bad **star**

I'm f a l l i n g faster...

Louisa Claire
17 May
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Louisa Claire

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adam sandler, aim, airhorn, amherst, animal rights, anna schmauch memorial pool, anti ashcroft, anti bush, anti censorship, anti cheney, anti clear channel, anti draft, anti fcc, anti riaa, anti war, bam margera, baroque music, baz luhrmann, blackberry jam, blimpie's, brand new, california, catfish pillow, cats, cedar point, chris barbaro, chris carrabba, christopher a. barbaro, christopher guest, cky, classical music, colorbars, crystal pepsi, dance dance revolution, dashboard confessional, deep elm records, degrassi, democrat, dennis kucinich, detroit red wings, downloading, elijah wood, emo, emo icons, emocapella, environment, eric idle, evanescence, exotic ethnic, fall out boy, finch, fire divine, first amendment, flute, foghorn, freedom of speech, frozen meals, further seems forever, gay marriage, graham chapman, gummy vitamins, hal sparks, happy gilmore, harry potter, hawthorne heights, hockey, honda, horatio bojangles, howard stern, hybrid cars, i love the 80s, i love the 90s, infinity broadcasting, inner beauty, jackass, jake epstein, jake westbrook, jk rowling, john cleese, john edwards, john kerry, john turturro, johnny depp, journal icons, jrr tolkien, justin timberlake, k records, kazaa, latin, liberal, lord of the rings, mae, maroon 5, mest, michael ian black, mighty morphin power rangers, mo rocca, monty python, moulin rouge, music, napoleon dynamite, napster, nebraskan plains, new found glory, nintendo entertainment system, north dakota, nsync, october fall, ohio, otter, patty duke, peace, peter jackson, piano rock, radio free roscoe, rating, red wings, rev. jesse jackson, rhythm and police, rollercoaster tycoon, rome, screamo, sean astin, sean astin icons, silverstein, something corporate, stars hide fire, super mario 3, sushi, system of a down, taking back sunday, tamagotchi, the blow, the cod hurts, the early november, the goonies, the indians, the matrix, the movielife, the oc, the sims, the yukon, tobey maguire, tom felton, toyota, vegetarian, viacom, wrench, xylophone, yellowcard